Top 15 Best Kitchen Faucets

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your current living space, the number of considerations can seem overwhelming. Especially when it comes to the kitchen. You have flooring, walls, backsplashes, counters, cabinets, appliances,plumbing, and fixtures.

In order to pull off a seamless look that really makes your project worth the effort, all of these details need to planned ahead of time. Of course, you also want to make sure you choose the best products possible, all the way down to your kitchen faucet.

Below we will review the 5 best kitchen faucets, going into what makes each of them so great. Of course, every person and every project is unique, so you’ll also find a guide detailing what features to look for when choosing the perfect faucet for your project’s needs.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets Review

A high quality kitchen faucet does not only need to be durable and easy to clean, but it should also be functional and attractive. The best kitchen faucet needs to be versatile in order to be able to handle washing and rinsing, simple to use and not to forget it should also be durable. The following is a list of the top 10 best kitchen faucets that you can choose from.

A comparison table of the best kitchen faucets.


Product nameBest FeaturePrice
Delta 9178-AR-DST Perfect combination of modern functionality and traditional style.
Check Price
Moen S7597C 90 Two different styles which allows it to cater to the large and small kitchens.
Check Price
Kraus  KPF-2110 Can handle low water pressure in an older house.
Check Price
Décor Star TPC11-TO Classic design of Kohler and features are of Moen faucets.
Check Price
Moen 594SRS  Motion sensor technology, which allows you to use the faucet without having to touch it
Check Price
Kohler K-72218-CP Its 20 milliseconds response allows you to operate the faucet by moving a pan or hand near the faucet sensor
Check Price
Delta 21966LF-SS Combination of traditional design and brass construction makes it durable.
Check Price
Premier 120161LF It’s an affordable pull out kitchen faucet that is durable
Check Price
Premier 12696 It has a two handle operation and does not compromise on its looks.
Check Price
Kohler K-596-CP The faucet is available at a 50% discount making it a complete steal.
Check Price
Moen Arbor MotionSense Deck Mount
Check Price
Delta Pot Filler Wall Mount
Check Price
Kraus Commercial Style Pull-Down Deck Mount
Check Price
Kraus Commercial Style Pull-Down Deck Mount
Check Price
Kingston Wall Mount w/ Sprayer Wall Mount
Check Price

Factors to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Faucets.

1. Your Handle Options

When it comes to single handle faucets, they are able to regulate your water flow by rotating directionally upwards or downwards motion. This is especially an ideal option for chef as it allows them to use one of their hands.  It also has a high arch which accommodates the large pans and pots.

For the double handle faucets they will need installation of a minimum of three holes. The double handle faucet has a wider range of selection; therefore, making it very customizable. Double handle faucets supports cold and hot water handles, this enables you to adjust your water flow and water temperatures. You will also be able to change your handles from your plumbing independently; making it a great choice of changing styles easily.

Activation of the faucet using the sensor

There are also hand free faucets which are activated by the use of a sensor. This kind of faucets usually has a handle at its side, which enables you to adjust the flow rate and your water temperatures.  You do not need to use your hands, as its main benefit is no hands.

The sensor on the faucet is able to detect motion or light; this however is dependent on your faucet which will then open the valve. It’s the same sensor that will automatically shut off leading water conservation. This kind of a faucet is ideal especially for children or clients that suffer from medical issues with their hands.

2. The Price and Quality of Your Faucet

Most faucets tend to go for a ceramic disk valve and a base that is of stainless steel. This is mainly because of the fact that this option is long lasting although it costs more. Apart from the stainless steel, we have solid brass which is also long lasting and needs less maintenance practices.

Faucets made of stainless steel and solid brass have a higher cost, you can be able to gauge the quality of faucet by using its weight. These faucets have shocking prices when you first look at them; it’s essential that you have in mind; the cheaper faucets are usually manufactured using a plastic base which with time it will not be able to hold up. When you total up the cost incurred in repairing or replacing the low price faucets it refutes your enticements of saving.

3. Style

When you think of a new kitchen design, is it contemporary, rustic or sleek? This is determined by the faucet that you pick for your kitchen. When it comes to faucet styles it can be very detailed or simple. As minor as it is, the style of your faucet is able to change the aesthetic look of your kitchen.

Point out a style that you are going for before you go for shopping. This is important because of the endless options that you will have. Having a specific style to go for helps you to narrow down on the options that you have. You can work with your design so that you can narrow down to the best faucet for you.

4. Materials and Finishes

Stainless steel, bronze, polished brass, brushed nickel and nickel are some of the standard finishes that you will find in the market. When it comes to manufacturers, they are all different consequently their finishes will tend to differ from one another. It’s recommended that you get your faucet, soap dispenser and hand spray from a particular manufacturer in order to ensure that you have an extra match in the fixtures.

5. Count the Holes in Your Sink

When it comes to switching from two handles faucet to a one handle faucet, you will need to put into consideration the number of holes present in your sink. You will find that a majority of sinks have three holes; one is for the spout, one for the cold handle and the other is for the hot handle.

There are single handle faucets that have a cover plate, which is used to hide the extra holes present. There are single handle faucets that don’t have the covet plate; therefore, it is essential that you check its label.

The ability to switch to one faucet

In case you have a wide spread, that is a bathroom with two handles that are far from the outlet; you will be able to switch to a one handle faucet. In the event that you would like to install a pull down sprayer that is mounted on the outlet, you will have an empty spray hole. You can resolve this by installing a soap dispenser; your new faucet can even come with the soap dispenser.

6. The Faucet’s Finish

When choosing a particular faucet, go for a faucet’s finish which matches your nearby towel bars and cabinet hardware. Having a mismatch on your kitchen can really look bad. Replacement of the existing hardware gives you a wide choice that you can choose from.

When it comes to kitchen faucets they are mainly; satin nickel, bronze or polished chrome finishes. This finishes are durable and are able to maintain their great look years down the line, although some of the finishes are more durable than others.

Chrome is the most durable kitchen faucet in the market. It is also quit easy to clean; as a result, making chrome a favorite finish especially for public bathrooms and commercial kitchens. Chrome finish is the best bet for you for a long term of toughness.

Nickel finishes of faucet

Nickel finishes are labeled as; satin, stainless steel or brushed, they have a dull shine. This finish is durable and prone to water spots and fingerprints; it’s therefore hard for you to keep them clean. You will have such faucets having a coating which reduces smudges and stains; this coating unfortunately isn’t durable as it chips or wears off with time.

For bronze faucets, they have a brownish ton usually known as rubbed or oiled bronze. Its surface has an epoxy coating instead of the metal.

Our first choice: Delta 9178-AR-DST Pull Down kitchen Sink Faucet

This faucet offers a two hole or integrated valve that is able to give you a perfect combination of modern functionality and traditional style. It has a leak free feature that is the Diamond Seal Technology. An exclusive Magna Tite dock which keeps the wand secure in its place.

Color alert of faucet

The faucet has color alert which alerts you on water temperature changes and reduces any possible discomfort or surprises. Its LED light indicates when the batteries require a change. The faucet comes in Arctic Stainless, Venetian Bronze and chrome finishes.

  • It has a built-in magnet which snaps the spray head into place
  • Has the diamond seal technology which prevents leaks.
  • It comes in 5 different colors
  • It also has a standard and touch20 styles
  • Its installation process is a bit more difficult when you compare it with its competing brands.

Our second choice: Moen S7597C 90-Degree Kitchen Faucet- The ideal kitchen faucet for modern homes

The Moen S7597C 90-Degree Kitchen Faucet is an ideal faucet for modern homes. This faucet is able to perfectly fit your kitchen due to its design. This kitchen faucet has two different styles which allow it to cater to the large and small kitchens.

The faucet combines stability and beauty, giving you a better cleaning experience in your home. It’s made of brass which gives it a tough and maintenance free service. Its sleek chrome finish is complemented with the multiple features that the faucet has to offer; thus setting it apart from other brands.

Reflex pull down system

Reflex pull down system allows you to use the faucet’s stream outlet for your daily chores.  You could also go for a wand which pause the stream of the outlet. You can therefore be able to use the wand and spray system

  • It has two high class colors
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty that is backed up with the Moen’s excellent customer service.
  • Its 1255 cartridges are legendary and last for a longer period of time.
  • It’s visually appealing when it’s in a modern kitchen
  • Its reflex system is able to retract and extend smoothly
  • Its high price puts it out of budget for most customers

Our Third Choice: Kraus KPF-2110 Kitchen Faucet- The best pull out kitchen faucet.

The Kraus KPF-2110 Kitchen Faucet is for consumers who need a reliable top notch design faucets. This faucet is able to give you enough room making it worth your money. One of the best features from this model is its ability to handle low water pressure in an older house.

The faucet has a set of amazing features and an outstanding durability. With its lead free unit, it’s able to perform exceptionally well years down the line and still looking great. The classic single lever design gives you an easy, full control of your water flow rate and temperatures.

To fit in any size of kitchen

The faucet gives a steady flow rate of 8GPM; its set requirement is an inch hole of 1.375inches; having a maximum deck thickness of 2.5inches, an outlet of 9inches and 63inches of hose length. With this kind of measurements it ensures that the faucet is able to fit in any size of kitchen.

  • The faucet has a simple single lever design
  • It’s made of a strong brass lead free brass construction
  • The faucet has 8GPM flow rate
  • Has Kerox ceramic cartridges that is able to last up to 500,000 cycles and more
  • Its low flow Neoperl aerator is one of a kind
  • Its outlet is able to rotate up to 120 degrees only.

Our Fourth Choice: Decor Star TPC11-TO Kitchen Faucet- The best alternative kitchen faucet.

The Decor Star TPC11-To is the best alternative kitchen faucet for a Moen and a Koehler kitchen faucets. Their design are useful in any kind of homes; therefore, you will not have a customer regretting having this faucet. The faucet has a classic design of the Koehler and features of the Moen faucets.

The faucet has an extended base which enables it to rotate from a higher point thus giving you more room to be able to work on the dishes. Despite its low price, the outlet extends with buttons that allows you to switch from spray to stream.

  • It has an attractive oil rubbed bronze design
  • A strong body that is able to take a lot of use
  • Alternative color options are brushed nickel and chrome
  • Its dual spray control gets the job done
  • It also has a limited lifetime warranty
  • The faucet uses an outdated counterweight in order to retract the hose

Our Fifth Choice: Moen 7594SRS Arbor with Motion sense Kitchen Faucet- The best touch less kitchen faucet.

Are you looking for a faucet with an ease of use? The Moen 7594SRS is what you need. This faucet has a motion sensor technology which allows you to use the faucet without having to touch it. You can do this by; simply moving your hand over the faucet and water will start to flow, move your hand over it again to stop the water flow.

The other way is by placing your dishes below the spout, with its ready sensor water will automatically start to flow and stop when you remove your dishes below the spout. The faucet also comes with a handle that you can use to change the flow rate and water temperature.

Use of user inputs

This faucet uses user inputs, this is seen in its spray wand which is light weight and flexible. It range is 10inches allowing it to work in most kitchens.

  • The faucet has a motion sensor technology
  • Also the faucet has spot resistant coatings which resist fingerprints spots making it easy to clean.
  • The faucet is not meant for heavy use as it will to reduce the faucet life significantly.

Our Sixth Choice: Kohler K-72218-CP Sensate Touch less Kitchen Faucet- best touch less kitchen faucet.

This faucet is a premium option for a touch less kitchen faucet that has an attractive Kohler Sensate. This faucet offers a clean and stunning look. Its 20 milliseconds response allows you to operate the faucet by moving a pan or hand near the faucet sensor. The sensor is located behind the outlet that’s behind the U bend.

The faucet also comes with a pull down spray that has magnetic docking mechanism which pulls it back to place easily. The senate utilizes AC power in place of batteries; therefore, making its maintenance easy.

  • Top notch and premium metals were used in the construction of its exterior parts.
  • The faucet has a pull down spray with a magnetic docking mechanism.
  • It has a touch less sensor
  • It also has a stunning look
  • The faucet is quite expensive
  • There are problems in the interior parts because water pressure decreases with time

 Our Seventh Choice: Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison Two Handle Kitchen Faucet- The best Traditional kitchen faucet

The Delta 21966LF-SS Dennison is highly recommended in the event that you want to install a traditional faucet that has a tough build. The faucet has two different handle operations that is hot and cold water handles. Its spout height is sufficient in case you are filling a large pan; it also has a separate spray.

Fixed spout of the faucet

The faucet has a fixed spout, a swivel that is able to rotate covering most parts of your sink. It’s heavy due to the use of metals even in the interior parts. It requires maintenance from the user for it to work efficiently.

  • The faucet is meant to last due to its combination of traditional design and brass construction.
  • It requires negligible maintenance
  • The faucet has a two handle operation
  • The sprayer used is not of high quality
  • You will need to replace the plastic internal parts with time
  • The faucet is not stunning in appearance it only goes well with a traditional kitchen setting.

Our Eighth Choice: Premier 120161LF Sonoma Pull Out Kitchen Faucet- The most affordable pull out kitchen faucet.

This faucet is for you in case you are looking for an affordable pull out kitchen faucet that is durable. This faucet has less to offer when it comes to its functionality. It has a simple lever switch for the hot and cold water switches. The faucet has a robust pull out head that allows you to easily switch from a spray to stream.

  • It has an impressive price point especially for its build
  • The faucet uses ceramic disc instead of a rubber valve, which gives the outlet remarkable durability
  • For less than $100, this is the most durable faucet that you can get
  • Its external built has a nice brushed finish
  • The faucet has functionality restrictions


Our Ninth Choice: Premier Faucet 12696 Two Handle Kitchen Faucet- The best two handle kitchen faucet.

Price: Check on Amazon

In case you are looking for a two handle operation and a faucet that does not compromise on its looks then this faucet is ideal for you. The faucet has two different handles for hot and cold water and separate spray also. The spout is not as high; therefore, it restricts this faucet for smaller sinks.

  • It is a good looking faucet
  • The faucet has two separate handles for hot and cold water
  • It is quite affordable
  • It has a stainless steel coating over plastic; the faucet therefore does not last for long.

 Our Tenth Choice: Kohler K-596-CP Pull Down Kitchen Faucet- the best kitchen faucet that Kohler has to offer.

This faucet is a premium styled faucet, the best kitchen faucet that Kohler has to offer. The faucet is available at 50% discount making it a complete steal. The faucet displays mechanical brilliance and design.

Its swivel is able to rotate up to 3600 , its pull down spray head being able to reach over 10 inches. You can be able to switch from a steam to a spray by a touch of a button. The faucet offers hassle free cleaning allowing you to easily clean the dishes.

Pause function

With its pause feature, you are able to pause the spray flow without having to touch the lever. With this feature filling of pots has become a lot quicker.

  • The faucet has an awe inspiring design
  • The faucet has a 50% discount offer
  • With the pause feature, cleaning has become hassle free
  • Its pull down head is able to reach over 10 inches
  • The faucet has a clear compromise which is used in order to make it lightweight
  • The faucet has plastic parts; it will therefor require replacement of parts after 1to 2 years.


When it comes to the ideal faucet for your home, it is worth it that you take careful consideration before settling for a particular one. Consider the factors such as durability, its price, the number of holes your sink has and your faucet height and reach among others. It’s also important that you carefully consider the features that each faucet has to offer.

Our 11th Choice: Moen Arbor MotionSense : Best Overall Faucet

Our top pick for kitchen faucets steals the stage with its reasonable price point and some exciting features that make it incredibly easy to use. The Moen Arbor MotionSense faucet has two motion sensors: one located near the base and on top of the faucet’s arch.

No tapping, twisting, or fussing required means no worries when you’ve got dirty hands and just want to get clean. The sink will automatically begin running when one of the sensors is activated, allowing you to avoid transferring dirt and grime onto your faucet.

Quality hose

The head of the faucet pulls down and out of the neck, with a 68 inch hose to clean even the most difficult spots. On the head of the faucet you’ll also find two button that allow you to switch the faucet into “spray” mode. This gives you noticeably stronger water pressure to help remove hard-to-clean or stuck on dirt and leftover food particles.

Worried about such a long hose being more frustrating than helpful? No worries, Moen thought of that too. The hose was specifically engineered and tested to move easily so it’s never stiff or difficult to maneuver. When you’re finish with the hose, its self-retracting action pulls the head neatly back into the faucet.

  • Long Hose
  • Self-Retracting
  • MotionSense
  • Escutcheon Included
  • Easy Assembly
  • Handle Mount is Right Side Only

Our 12th Choice:Delta Pot Filler : Best Pot-Friendly Faucet

Delta’s pot filler faucet is probably one of the most unique on this list. It is a wall mount faucet that doesn’t necessarily have to be mounted over a sink at all because it’s designed for a very special purpose: to fill those large pots that are so cumbersome to get into the sink and carry around the kitchen.

You can, for example, mount this faucet next to your stove and fill pots once they’re already sitting one this burner. This way you won’t have to carry a full pot from sink to stove, hoping you don’t splash water all over yourself and the floor in the process.

The faucet is also conveniently designed using a dual-jointed swing arm. This means you can swing it directly over whatever you need to fill and then when you’re done the entire faucet folds up neatly against the wall. Nothing cluttering your counter or taking up extra space.

Cold water only

One trade off for all the benefits of this neat faucet is that it does only connect to cold water supply, so this is not something you would choose to mount over a sink and try doing dishes with. Think of this faucet as more of a precision tool that is excellent at one job, whereas a general sink faucet can be well-suited to several purposes.

  • Wall Mounted
  • Folds Flat When Not In Use
  • Ultra-Convenient
  • ADA Compliant
  • Cold Water Only


Our 13th Choice: Kraus Commercial Style Pull-Down : Best Pull Down Faucet

The Kraus Commercial Style Pull-Down faucet makes an instant impression with its visually striking features. The faucet is just over 32 inches high with a 9.5 inch reach, plus a 31.5 inch hose.All of this is encased in a heavy duty commercial-styled spring, instantly giving your sink the look of a professional kitchen.

With such a high arc, this faucet is also great for large,deep sinks that would dwarf more conventionally sized faucets. There is also a handle on the head of the faucet that you can squeeze, turning it into a pressurized sprayer for an ultra effective pre-rinse. The entire sprayer, neck, hose and coil setup swivels 360 degrees so you can direct the flow of water to precisely where it’s needed most.

360 Degree Swivel

Attached to the main faucet, midway up the neck, is a pot filler. This swivels 360 degrees to give you more ease of use and while it isn’t as long as the pot-filler faucet listed above it still adds extra functionality and convenience.The pot filler component is water efficient and eco-friendly, with a built-in aerator and a flow rate of 1.8gpm (gallons per minute).

The entire faucet is also equipped with a ceramic cartridge, the most reliable type of flow control, ensuring you’ll have no annoying dripping with this model.

  • High Neck
  • Long Reach
  • 360 Degree Swivel
  • Included Pot Filler
  • Commercial Styled Design
  • No Included Escutcheon
  • Poor Choice For Small Sinks

Our 14th choice: Delta Signature Pull-Out : Best Pull Out Faucet

Whether you’re looking for a modern look, a faucet that works will with smaller sinks, or just a new look when it comes to choosing your faucet, the Delta Signature Pull-Out has what you need. The single handle is mounted on top of the faucet neck, with the faucet itself stick out just below the handle.

The faucet stick almost straight out rather than the traditional arc design, and swivels 120 degrees to aid in ease of use. Due the novel arc-less design, the whole faucet pulls directly out of the neck rather than  just pulling the faucet head downwards.

This faucet is just over 11 inches high, with the straight-facing faucet head managing a 9.25 inch reach. It’s available in traditional finishes like chrome and stainless, but you can also get it in a matte black which goes a long way toward making this faucet look like in belong in a sleek,minimalist modern kitchen.

Easy Installation

This is a deck-mounted faucet, and only needs one hole to complete installation. However, if you’re installing in a previously used sink with additional holes, this model does have the option to purchase an escutcheon to cover the two additional holes you may have from a previous, more traditional faucet installation.


  • Works Well With Smaller Sinks
  • Modern Design
  • Optional Escutcheon Available
  • Easy Installation
  • Escutcheon Not Included
  • Wouldn’t Work Well With Larger Sinks

Our 15th Choice: Kingston Wall Mount w/ Sprayer : Best Wall Mount Faucet

If you’re looking to combine a bit of the old and the new, look no further. This wall mounted faucet mean no grimy water pooling around the faucet base and ultra-easy cleanup. With dual handles, enameled white to stand out against the oil-rubbed bronze finish of the metal, this faucet reminds us of time gone by.

To include a bit of modern convenience, though, it does also include a sprayer with a wall-mounted dock for easy storage when not in use.The outside may appear Victorian, but the inside is all modern.

Multiple Hose Lengths

Ceramic disk valves ensure lasting performance without leaks, while brass construction guarantees your faucet is lead-free and won’t degrade over time. The attached hose includes to hose lengths, allowing you to install the one most compliant with your needs: either 27 or 48 inches. The faucet has a standard flow rate of 1.8gpm, while the sprayer’s max flow rate in 2.2 gpm.

  • Wall Mount
  • Novel Design
  • Multiple Hose Lengths
  • Hose attachment hardware visible after installation

What to Look for When Buying a Kitchen Faucet

While recommendations for some of the best kitchen faucets are shown above, it’s also important to know what features go into the best faucets. This way, you will know exactly what to look for when it comes time to purchase the kitchen faucet that best suits your particular needs.

Valve Type

It’s important to consider the inside workings of the faucet as well as its outer appearance so that you can be assured your purchase is durable enough to withstand frequent use.

The valve is the part of your faucet that controls the flow of water; a faulty valve is the common cause of a dripping faucet. A dripping faucet waste a surprising amount of water over time.

The common types of valves are compression, ball, and ceramic disk. Ceramic disk is the most reliable and is starting to become a common manufacturing choice which is helping to bring down the price.

Mount Type

How you’re going to mount you faucet is also an important consideration; depending on your situation it may also limit your choice. There are two types of faucet mounts: deck mounts and wall mounts.

The most common type is a deck mount, meaning the faucet is installed directly into countertop or sink itself. If you are just replacing the faucet rather than the entire sink and currently have a deck mounted faucet, you must stay with this type of faucet.

A wall-mounted faucet can provide a more modern look to your kitchen design. It also eliminated the possible of dirt and grime buildup between the faucet and wall, and around the edges of the fixture where it meets the countertop.

Sink Type

If you are only replacing your faucet, rather than purchasing a kitchen faucet as part of a custom build or renovation, you’ll also need to consider what sort of sink you have before making a final decision.

Sinks typically come with pre-drilled holes to allow for installation of the faucet or other accessories. Sinks can have anywhere from one to four holes. If you’ve got a sink with more holes than you need, you have options.

You can sometimes purchase an escutcheon plate to cover additional holes. This isn’t available with all models,however. You can also install accessories such as soap dispensers, drinking water filter faucets, and more.

Finish Type

Choosing a faucet that is built to last and is compatible with your sink type is crucial, but looks are important as well. Faucets are available in a variety of finishes, which can affect price and durability.

For example, chrome is the cheapest finish and also typically the most durable. It doesn’t degrade too much over time and won’t accrue water spots or finger smudges very easily. If you are looking for a simple,classic finish that won’t hurt your budget, this is always a good choice.

If you are more design-minded that concerned with budget you can find finished like oiled bronze or matte black to make a real visual impression.These are less common, though, and not available with every model.


Yes, even kitchen faucets come with warranties. This is an often overlooked but important aspect of faucets to focus on. When warranties are available they typically only apply to the original purchaser of the equipment, so this may be overlooked if you are installing a faucet in a house you do not plan to live in.

A good kitchen faucet warranty will cover the function of the sink and allow for replacement parts without charge should they be needed. A great warranty with also guarantee the integrity of the faucet’s finish for several years.

Part Replacement

If you are planning on making long-term use of your faucet (rather than buying a replacement as part of a home sale renovation),you’ll want to pay attention to how difficult to install and replace the non-permanent parts of your sink actually is.

The reason for this is because should you need to make use of your warranty to replace something, the manufacturer will supply you the necessary part, and only the part. Actually performing the part replacement will be completely up to you.

Depending on which faucet you purchase, this may be work or less difficult. Some models have valves, tubing, and other parts longer or lower hanging than strictly necessary, which makes it much easier to replace parts yourself.

If the choices for 5 best faucets listed above don’t seem to quite fit your needs, don’t worry. While these are recommendations, everybody has unique needs when it comes to finding the perfect kitchen faucet for you.

In fact, that’s just what the buyer’s guide above is for. Now you can begin your own search for a kitchen faucet that works for you and your kitchen, as an informed buyer with the confidence your choice will be well-performing and reliable because you know just what to look for. Happy hunting!

Final Words

When it comes to your kitchen faucet, its main job is dispensing water. It’s a main element that is used to define the design style of your kitchen. A faucet has more than just running water.

Choosing the best kitchen faucet for your kitchen can be overwhelming especially with all the options available to choose from. They include; pull-out and pull-down styles, single and dual handles option and touch fewer faucets among others. Kitchen faucets also have ample finishes; that you need to choose from such as the covetable spotless finishes, which resist presence of water spots on your faucet.

It is therefore important that you have on your fingertip, the factors that you need to consider when deciding on a kitchen faucet. The following are the main factors that you need to have in mind.



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