Top 5 Delta Touch Faucets Reviewed

Top 5 Delta Touch Faucets Reviewed

Everything but the kitchen sink is a common phrase when talking about large projects, including home improvement. Why are we leaving our kitchen sinks out in the cold? Whether you are doing a remodel or building a new home, when it comes to the kitchen don’t forget about the sink!

More specifically, don’t forget about your kitchen sink’s faucet. You might be surprised what an upgraded faucet can do for your design aesthetic–or how much easier it can make your life. The truth is, technology is advancing so quickly it has managed to integrate itself into just about everything we use. Why not take advantage of it?

Delta is a popular maker of all types of faucets, but they have some truly spectacular kitchen faucets available. What makes Delta faucets really special is something called Touch 2.0 Technology. That’s right. Delta makes touch-activated kitchen faucets.That means that whatever kitchen mess you’ve got on your hands, you don’t have to get it on your faucet too.

Tap on, tap off: it’s that simple. Some models include additional features such as water temperature indicators to avoid scalding sensitive hands, warming water up before you turn on the faucet to save resources, and even Amazon Alexa Voice integration.

Read on for a review of the five best Delta touch kitchen faucets, their pros and cons, and what you need to consider before making a purchase.

The Top 5 Delta Touch Faucets

Manufacture NameAvailable FinishesInstallation Type Batteries RequiredPrice
Delta Trinsic Pull Down Faucet Arctic Stainless and Chrome 1-hole or 3-hole6 AA (Included)
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Delta Trinsic Pro Spring Spout Pull Down Faucet Stainless, Black Stainless, and Chrome1-hole or 3-hole 6 AA (Not Included)
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Delta Esque Bar/Prep Pull Down Faucet Arctic Stainless, Chrome, Venetian Bronze, Matte Black 1-hole or 3-hole 6 AA (Included)
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Delta Pivotal Pull Down Faucet Chrome, Stainless, Stainless-Steel, Nickel1-hole or 3-hole6 AA (Included)
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Delta Transitional Beverage Faucet Arctic Stainless1-hole 6 AA (Included)
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1. Delta Trinsic Pull Down Faucet with Alexa Voice Technology: Best Overall

For best overall faucet, Delta’s Trinsic single-handle pull down faucet featuring both Touch 2.0 and Alexa Voice Technology is the clear choice. Touch 2.0 technology allows the faucet to turn on and off with just a tap; if your hands are too dirty you can even use your forearms for this and the faucet will still turn on to whichever temperature the handle is currently set to.

While the touch technology is amazing, all of the faucets on this list include this innovative feature. What really sets the best overall faucet apart from the rest is the integration with Amazon Alexa. This means that some of the faucet’s functions can be activated with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

You can ask Alexa to turn the faucet on for you, which is great when you’re in a rush. If you want to conserve water you can even ask it to dispense a specific amount of water to reduce waste, or warm up the water before turning on. With a flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute, this feature can save you gallons of water–and that can translate to a lower utility bill as well.

  •     Touch 2.0 Technology
  •     Included escutcheon for 3-hole installations
  •    Amazon Alexa voice-activated
  •     Magnetic hose docking
  •     ADA compliant
  •    Bigger price tag
  •    A/c adaptor sold separately

2. Delta Trinsic Pro Spring Spout Pull Down Faucet: Best Spring-Style

Price: $433.65
 If you’re going for more of an industrial aesthetic in your kitchen, or simply like the more utilitarian look of spring spout faucets, then you’ll love Delta’s Trinsic Pro spring spout pull-down faucet. Spring spout faucets are more typically seen in commercial kitchens, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find a place in your home.

This faucet is suited to larger sinks, with a height of 19.5 inches and a reach (how far the arc of the spout comes forward) of 9.5 inches. The pull down arc swivels 360 degrees and this faucet only requires 2.5 inches of backsplash clearance. Whether your sink has a backsplash or is on a floating countertop space like an island, this faucet is incredibly versatile.

As part of Delta’s Touch 2.0 technology, there is an LED light that allows your to check the temperature of the water without having to worry about possibly scalding yourself. The light stays blue for cold water, turn magenta as the water warms, and finally becomes red when the water is hot. Unlike the number one pick, if you want to adapt this faucet for 3-hole installation the escutcheon plate is not included and would need to be purchased separately.

  •     Unique spring spout style
  •    Ideal for larger sinks
  •     Support 1- or 3-hole installation
  •   ADA compliant
  •     Magnetic docking
  •       Escutcheon plate sold separately

3. Delta Esque Bar/Prep Pull Down Faucet: Best With Smaller Sinks

This Delta Esque faucet has a lovely elegant look and is available in finishes that are harder to find in Delta’s product line, such as matte black and venetian bronze. Quite the opposite of the spring spout faucet, this small yet curvy faucet is best for smaller sinks.

Whether you’re putting this faucet in a convenient bar sink, or your kitchen has a small prep sink in addition to a larger utility sink, this faucet fits neatly in smaller spaces without sacrificing form or function. The simplistic yet eye-catching design will make your space the envy of your friends, and features like touch-clean spout holes allow you to keep this faucet looking its best with minimal effort.

If you’d prefer a 3-hole installation, you’ll need to purchase the escutcheon plate for this model separately, but is available to make installation with any sink type a breeze. If you don’t want to deal with the occasional hassle of changing the batteries in the battery pack, there is also an optional a/c adaptor for the faucet’s solenoid that’s sold separately. This adaptor is universal and will work with all Delta touch faucets.

  •    Perfect for smaller spaces
  •    ADA compliant
  •    Touch Clean spout
  •    2 spout settings: spray or stream
  •   Magnetic docking
  •  Escutcheon plate sold separately
  •     Smaller size limits placement options

4. Delta Pivotal Pull Down Faucet: Best Modern Design


When you get right down to it, function is extremely important in a purchase like a kitchen faucet. That doesn’t mean that something can’t function well and be a stunning centerpiece for your kitchen.

Whether you entertain often or simply enjoy the finer things in life, the Delta Pivotal pull down faucet provides a gorgeous modern design to help you nail your kitchen wish list. With squared off edges and handles, this faucet and spout are more rectangular than cylindrical, instantly catching your eye.

Not to worry, Delta hasn’t sacrificed any of the amazing features that come with its touch faucets to achieve this design aesthetic. You can still turn the faucet on or off with a single tap. The touch feature on the faucet also automatically turns the flow of water off after four minutes of inactivity. This means an accidental tap from a forgetful toddler or furry friend won’t waste tons of water and drive up your utility bill.

This faucet also includes the TempSense LED light that indicates water temperature, MagnaTite spout docking to keep your hose from drooping over time, and the Touch Clean spout holes that making eradicating lime and calcium build up as easy as swiping the holes with a fingertip.

  • Touch Clean faucet
  •   ADA compliant
  •   Modern design
  •     Magnetic docking
  •    TempSense LEDs
  •       Escutcheon plate sold separately
  •       A/c adaptor sold separately

5. Delta Transitional Beverage Faucet: Best On A Budget

Delta’s Transitional beverage faucet is a kitchen faucet that’s a bit easier on the pocketbook, if you want to upgrade your kitchen fixtures without breaking the bank. With its small size (9 inches high with 5 inch reach) and one-hole installation, you have several options with this beverage faucet.

If you have a smaller one-hole sink, you can install this as a standalone faucet; it still features Touch 2.0 technology but the smaller size and lack of extension hose provides a break on the price.With a 3-hole sink, this faucet would have to be installed alongside additional fixtures or you would need to find caps for the extra holes as there is no available escutcheon plate for this model.

Should you happen to have a 3-hole sink and don’t want to cap the extra pre-existing holes, the Transitional line also includes a touch-activated soap dispenser and and a larger kitchen faucet. With the beverage faucet’s included cache aerator, the three products could be paired together to easily cover all your needs. This model is also compatible with Delta’s optional A/C adapter, sold separately. Like all other faucets on this list, it is also ADA compliant and certified lead-free.

  • Sized for smaller sink or as companion faucet
  •      ADA compliant
  •       TempSense LED temperature indicator
  •     Auto Shutoff
  •      Budget-friendly
  •     No escutcheon plate available
  •      A/c adapter sold separately

Things to Consider When Choosing A Delta Touch Faucet

With all these wonderful touch faucets from Delta, it can be tempting to run off to your local home improvement store or get online to make a purchase that will help innovate your kitchen. Before you do, though, here are a few things you make want to consider in order to make the best possible purchase for your needs.

Sink Type

Sinks typically have pre-drilled holes. Most sinks have either 1 or 3 holes, with some sinks having a 4th hole as well. If you have a 1 hole sink, any of the faucets on this list will work because while most have the option to use an escutcheon,its isn’t required for any of them.

An escutcheon plate is a decorative plate used to widen the base of the faucet, in order to cover the 2 additional holes that would be visible if you have a three-hole sink and want to install a one-hole faucet.

Some sinks also have a fourth hole which is typically used for optional companion pieces such as a spray hose, soap dispenser, etc. If not in use, a cap can usually be purchased for this so that the raw edges from the pre-drilled hole are not visible.

Power Type

While this isn’t a concern for most kitchen faucets, with touch faucets you do need to think about how you’re going to power the solenoid that enable the touch-activation. As a standard feature, all the faucets listed here include a battery back that must be secured under the sink.

The battery pack takes 6 AA batteries and will need to be replaced every so often.The easiest long-term solution if you plan to use the included battery pack is to purchase 12 rechargeable batteries, so that you can always have a set inserted and a set fully charged, ready for use.

If using a battery pack seems to cumbersome or maintenance intensive, Delta does sell an A/C adaptor for their touch faucets. This takes the place of the battery pack meaning once it’s set up it will require no additional maintenance. This is an optional accessory however, and must be purchased separately if desired.


Once you’ve ensured you’re familiar with your sink type and any options/limitations it provides, as well as what power option you would prefer for your touch faucet, it’s time to consider aesthetics. Some consider the design aspect of home building or renovating the most enjoyable part; if that’s not you, interior designers are available to assist you with this part of the process.

You’ll want to make sure that whichever faucet you choose matches or compliments the finish of the other fixtures in your kitchen. Not every faucet model is available in every finish, so if you’re set on having all bronze fixtures in your kitchen that will narrow your search quickly.

Don’t forget about bonus options either. Many faucet models have accompanying larger/smaller faucets for more complicated setups, A/C adaptors for each of use, touch-activated soap dispensers with matching finishes, and escutcheon plates to expand your options while keeping every aspect the same finish, tone, and high level of craftsmanship.

After learning about the 5 best Delta Touch faucets, their pros and cons, and some key points to consider before making a purchase, you are ready to decide on a kitchen faucet. A faucet can seem like a simple, small detail but it can truly make your life easier with the right features, and visually bring your entire kitchen design together if you choose the best option for your needs.

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