Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets with Sprayer

Wouldn’t you agree that a kitchen faucet is one of the most essential pieces of equipment in your house? Anyone who spends any amount of time in the kitchen would most likely agree.

Whether you are replacing, upgrading, or building a new kitchen, the many kitchen faucet styles to choose from may cause a dilemma. But there’s no need to worry because we have you covered with the 10 best kitchen faucets with sprayer review to help you decide which one is best for you.


Tips Before Buying

Many believe that a truly functional kitchen faucet must have a sprayer. It is true that when you are standing at the kitchen sink washing vegetables or dishes, the sprayer comes in very handy. Many of us have become used to using a sprayer over the last several years. We may be miserable in the kitchen without one. But are you sure what type you want? To make your choice of sprayer easier, below are some tips to consider before buying:

Type of Sprayer

The most common styles of kitchen faucets with sprayers and their features are listed below:

  • Side sprayer comes with one or two handles, a hose with extensive reach, requires either one or two-hole installation
  • Pull-down is the most popular, has shorter spray hose, gets less kinks, best for deep sinks, one-hole installation, control button on spray head to pause flow, some with soap dispenser
  • Pull-out has shorter spout than pull-down, pulls straight out with less splash, best for double sinks and using to fill tall pots on counter, one-hole installation
  • Touch-less or hands-free are innovative with motion detector, most convenient, easiest to use, one-hole installation, some do not have alternate handle, more expensive, an impressive value
  • Touch-on or Touch-control requires that you touch the faucet to turn it on, needs batteries, some have auto shut-off, they are more impressive but more expensive


  • Commercial or  are visually distinctive being bigger with outer spring and a higher arch than most, single handle, sprayer head pulls out further, some have higher flow rate,  more durable but can still be economical, and have one-hole easy installation


Best 10 Sprayer Faucets

Now that you’ve considered which sprayer to buy, the below review of the 10 best kitchen faucets with sprayers will be very useful to help you pick one that is best for you and your kitchen. Each kitchen faucet below has a sprayer and other features that we considered to be worth being listed in the 10 best.  However, the list is not in any kind of order and you will have to pick the one that’s best for you.

Product Name Model NumberBest FeaturePrice
Kohler K560-VS K-560-VS Best overall
Check Price
Kohler K-780-VS Cruette K-780-VSMost efficient
Check Price
Kohler K-596-VS Bellera K-596-VSTouch-Less or Hands-free
Check Price
Kohler K-99259-VS Artifacts Single K-99259-VSBest single hole faucet
Check Price
Kohler K-15160-L-0 Kitchen Faucet 15160-L-CP50% more spray power
Check Price
Kohler K-10433-VS Forte Single Control Pullout Faucet 10433-VSMost durable
Check Price
Kohler K-72218-VS K-72218-VS
Best Sensate Touchless Faucet
Check Price
Kohler K-13963-VS 13963-VSBest Pullout Faucet
Check Price
KOHLER K-10412-CP Forte Single Control Kitchen Sink Faucet 10412-CPMost affordable
Check Price
Kohler K-7505-CP Purist Primary Pullout Kitchen Faucet K-7505-CPMost advanced
Check Price


1. Pacific Bay Medina Kitchen Faucet (Chrome) Single Lever

This US-made elegant swan-neck kitchen faucet is priced reasonably. It has a powerful separate side sprayer. You can quickly adjust the temperature and flow with a single-handle that has no splashing and a smooth aerated stream. It is made of heavy-duty commercial grade construction with stainless steel risers of 3/8 inch compression connections. It comes with two base plates to fit two different styles. It will take up less space than a two-handled faucet and it is lead-free certified. It can be easily installed two different ways. There is a plate for both the faucet and for the sprayer together, which can be a do-it-yourself project needing only a wrench and screwdriver. It is available in chrome and brushed nickle.

  • Low price of less than $100
  • Arc spout and side sprayer
  • DIY installation
  • Certified lead-free
  • USA-based support
  • Comes with two different installation
  • Complaints of minor leaking


2. Swivel Pull-Out Single Lever

This commercial style kitchen faucet with a pull-out sprayer really bangs a lot for the buck in its brushed nickel finish with a ceramic disc. It is built tough with a high-arc spout and 360-degree swivel for lots of room for large pots with plenty of clearance room. The pull-out sprayer has a long 20-inch flexible easy-retract hose and helps you save on water with a 1.8 GPM water flow rate. The sprayer has two functions that allow you to ergonomically switch from spray to stream. Spout height is 6.89 inches and spout reach is 8.27 inches. It is constructed of solid brass for long lasting performance. Installation is a breeze with Quick-Connect Installation System that can be done without tools.

  • Low price of less than $100
  • Two functional sprays
  • 20-inch flexible hose that retracts
  • Made of solid brass
  • Strong 1.8 GPM flow rate
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Lack of good customer support


3. Moen Brantford Motionsense Two-Sensor Touch-less One-Handle High-Arc Pull-Down

MotionSense technology offers the convenience of this hands-free kitchen faucet that combines traditional with modern features. Its pause feature interrupts the water flow immediately when it senses motion and saves on water. The Brantford has a high arched neck to make it easier to clean unobstructed and fill up large pots. It has a pull-down hose with two spray options that retracts smoothly due to its Reflex technology. It has Duralock Quick Connect system that allows for a quick and easy snap-on installation. It also has stainless spot resistant finish that resists water spots and is backed by a 5-year limited warranty. It will help you save on water with a 1.5 GPM water flow rate. You will need six AA batteries not included.

  • DuraLock Quick-Connect hose makes DIY easy with snap-on installation
  • MotionSense makes it hands-free
  • Reflex allows quick retraction
  • Water spot/fingerprint resistant finish
  • Digital components covered by 5-year limited warranty
  • Money saving 1.5 GPM flow rate
  • High priced between $300-400
  • Batteries not included and need replacing
  • Poor customer service


4. GAPPO Commercial Pull Out Kitchen Sink Faucet Dual Handle 3 in 1 Water Filter Purifier Faucets Gold

This dramatic looking commercial design that has a European contemporary appeal makes it easy to clean the sink since you can get to blind spots. It has a 3-way faucet function that includes hot, cold and RO water to eliminate the need of a separate filtered drinking tap that will save money and space. It is constructed of solid brass with stainless steel and a brushed gold finish. It also has a drip-free ceramic disc cartridge and Neoperl aerator that prevents hard water build-up that will perform for years. It has a pull-out spray and 360-degree design that accesses any part of the sink.

  • Low price of less than $100
  • 3-way functional
  • Attractive in gold and black
  • Easy installation
  • Very flexible
  • 360-degree pull-out sprayer
  • Water hose not attached makes installation more difficult


5. Moen Arbor One-Handle High Arc Pulldown

The Arbor has a flair to it with its dramatic matte black finish. Plus, its one-handle and a traditional look of the spout curve works with any type of décor. With its Power Clean spray technology that gives you 50 percent more spray power, it can clean dishes fast and reduce residual water in the sink. The high arc design enables you to fill and clean large pots while the pull-down spray hose lets you maneuver anywhere in and around the sink. The Reflex system gives it an easy and smooth moving spray head retraction. The Duralock gives you quick and easy installation with one or three holes. You will save on water with a 1.5 GPM water flow rate.

  • Low price of less than $100
  • 50% more spray power
  • DuraLock for easy installation
  • 1.5 GPM water flow rate
  • Reflex for easy spray retract
  • Poor instructions


6. Delta Addison Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer, Soap Dispenser, Touch2O Technology and Magnetic Docking

The Addison’s ShieldSpray technology has a powerful spray that cuts dirty messes and a protective sphere that stops the splatter which will give you 90 percent less splatter than regular sprayers. The MagnaTite Docking is a magnet that snaps the sprayer back into place so it stays docked. The Diamond Seal technology keeps leaks away for the life of the faucet. The spray wand has two functions of spray or steam. It has single-hole or three-hole with eight-inch configurations and an optional deck plate is included. There is a lifetime limited warranty.

  • Diamond Seal keeps it leakfree
  • Touch20 touch-control
  • Magnetic docking
  • 90% less splatter
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Choice of 1 or 3-hole installation
  • Expensive at more than $350
  • Touch sensor fails to operate


7. Kraus Bolden Single Handle 18-Inch Commercial Kitchen Faucet with Dual Function Pull Down Spray Head

The Kraus Bolden is a commercial single-handle faucet that has been optimized for home use with a compact 18-inch arch that will fit beneath most kitchen cabinets. It has a dual-function spray head that will toggle between splash-free stream to a powerful pre-rinsing spray with just the flip of a rocket switch. The hose is a lengthy 20 inches and retractable letting you be efficient at maneuvering between chores. The Bolden is constructed out of lead-free heavy-duty materials and has a ceramic cartridge that will provide many years of wear without leaking. Installation is quick and easy with the pre-attached waterlines that are 22 inches long with hardware. It is available in chrome, stainless steel, matte black, or stainless steel with matte black.

  • Moderately priced from $100-200
  • 20-inch retractable hose
  • 5 finishes available
  • Dual-function spray head
  • Easy installation
  • Handle may become loose if not properly installed
  • Sprayer head made of plastic


8. KOHLER Sensate Touch-less Kitchen Faucet, Polished Chrome

The Sensate has transitional state-of-the-art touch-less technology that lets you turn the faucet on and off with a response rate of 20 milliseconds. It has a magnetic docking system in the spout that will lock the spray head in place securely. There is a two-function pull-down spray head that has touch-control and allows you to go back and forth between spray and stream. It runs on electricity so no batteries need to be replaced. The spray has specially angled nozzles that forms wide sweeping water for whatever you need to do in the sink. With MasterClean technology the sprayer will resist build-up of lime or other minerals. Kohler has a technology called ProMotion that makes the nylon hose quiet and lightweight and the ball joint that makes the pull-down spray head easier to use.

  • Features Touch-control with quick response rate of 20 milliseconds
  • Durable ceramic valves
  • MasterClean sprayer resists mineral build-up
  • Magnetic docking locks sprayer securely
  • Runs on electricity so doesn’t need batteries as some others
  • ProMotion makes sprayer easier to use
  • Touch-less doesn’t always work or turns on/off by itself
  • Spray splashes too much
  • Expensive at $400+


9. Moen High-Arc Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray from the Weatherly Collection, Mediterranean Bronze

This faucet from the Weatherly collection is a high-arc single-handle kitchen faucet has a unique finish that has a flair for the Mediterranean. The Duralast cartridge will keep its bronze glow for years to come while it withstands the toughest conditions such as hard water. It is a single-handle faucet with a side spray and meets the Federal and State regulations for low lead. It also is ADA compliant as it complies with the standards of height, depth, hygiene, convenience, etc. as well as being compliant with low lead regulations. The spout can swivel 180 degrees and the gooseneck is the high-arc type that has optimal room under the faucet. The stainless Spot Resist finish keeps fingerprints and water spots from showing. It measures 11-1/8 inches high with a spout height of 8-5/16 inches and spout reach of 9-1/4 inches.  It has a two-hole installation and all hardware for mounting is included.

  • Moderate price of less than $200
  • Unique finish is elegant
  • Resists water spots and fingerprints
  • Easy to install
  • ADA complaint/low lead
  • Swivels at 180 degrees
  • Side sprayer button sticks

10. Delta Faucet Essa Single-Handle Touch Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Down Sprayer, Touch2O Technology and Magnetic Docking Spray Head

The Essa is a single-handle pull-down faucet that has Touch20 technology that gives you the convenience of starting or stopping the water flow by touching or you can use it manually by moving the handle. It has TempSense technology that using a LED light to indicate a different color for the different temperatures of the water. With the MagnaTite Docking technology, a powerful magnet will snap your sprayer back into place. It will be docked so it doesn’t droop after some time of use. Essa has Touch-Clean spray holes that let you easily wipe calcium and lime build-up with just the touch of your finger freeing you from using harsh chemical cleaners. It is designed for a single-hole or 3-hole for an easy installation. You can chose from four finishes of arctic stainless steel, chrome, matte black or Venetian bronze.

  • Moderately priced between $200-300
  • Magnetic docking spray head
  • Touch20 technology – touch controlled
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • LED light indicators of temperature
  • Touch-Clean keeps faucet clean
  • Diamond Seal reduces leak points for twice as long as industry standards
  • 4 choices of finish
  • Batteries need to be changed
  • Plastic gasket hard to turn


These 10 best kitchen faucets with sprayers should give you some good ideas of what you want in your kitchen. You will now need to decide what your priority features are in a kitchen faucet. Is it the functionality, touch-control, price, design style, or a finish that matches your kitchen appliances? There are many special features that may be worth considering if you or someone in your family loves to cook and spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

Once you figure that out, remember to make sure what kind of mounting you will need to match your current set up. You can save money by doing the installation yourself since the instructions come with your kitchen faucet package. If the instructions are not that understandable, you can always find a video online to help you out. Also, be sure to install it as soon as possible so that if there is anything wrong you can return it in the allowed time.

Whatever your choice is, may you enjoy many years of use from your new kitchen faucet with sprayer.

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