Best Vintage Pfister Kitchen Faucets

How do you decide which kitchen faucet to pick when looking to shop for one? Is it the professionalism used in crafting one? The contemporary styles? Do you look at the finishing? Well, different people will have different preferences. But there will always be that one thing that no one would want to overlook. The quality of any product matters a lot.

We cannot talk about quality and not mention brands. Actually, what sets each brand to be different is their quality. That’s exactly what everyone is looking for. Nobody is interested in going back to the market every other year to shop for the same things. Everyone is happy with a product that is directly proportional to the amount of money spent on purchasing it.

Pfister kitchen faucets give its users the best experience ever. Its quality is what distinguishes it from other kitchen faucets in the market. With so many great styles available, their prices are unbeatable. That’s yet another thing that makes them lovable. Budget-friendly.

Over the years, the manufactures of Pfister kitchen faucets have been working to improve on every single aspect of their products. Kitchen faucets from Pfister ensure that your kitchen experience is smooth and very convenient. Below are the 5 best vintage Pfister kitchen faucets.  We believe that this guide will help you spend little time in the market and at the same time make a great choice.

Top Pfister Kitchen Faucets

Manufacture NameModel NumberBest FeaturePrice
Pfister LF-036-4CBS Avalon 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet Pfister Two-handle kitchen faucet with side spray
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HANSGROHE 10820001The faucet has a thin needle spray, which is quite powerful and very efficient when it comes to removing tough stains on your dishes.
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FRANKE FFPD20850The faucet has an easy installation process; this is because of the Franke’s quick install feature.
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BLANCO 441332 It has a small footprint, enabling you to install it on a narrower sink and a large sink.
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GEYSER GF51-SEasy to install as most individuals can be able to install it by themselves especially if they have plumbing experience
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KRAUS KPF-1602SSThe faucet has a heavy duty design and it’s built to last. Its brass construction is durable and the finishes are rust resistant.
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RUVATI RVF1215STThe faucet has a spray-lock feature which allows you to lock the pray pattern that you are currently using.
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KRAUS KPF-1650SSIt has a long lasting ceramic cartridge which has been tested to be able to last over 500,000 cycles
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Going through the detailed description of each product will be an added advantage for you. You’ll be in a better position to make the right decision. You might just realize why product number 5 is good for you and not the one listed at position one.

1. Pfister LF-036-4CBS Avalon 2-Handle Kitchen Faucet

Available in a variety of configurations and finishes; polished chrome, stainless steel, and Tuscan bronze. This kitchen faucet from Pfister is one of its kind. It brings a beautiful scenery to your kitchen. It is of high quality with elegant style, tradition, and symmetry both incorporated.

The swivel spout easily rotates for maximum convenience. It’s effortless to switch between cold and hot modes. The side handle is there to help you control water temperature. The two-handle kitchen faucet also has a side spray. Simply pull out the side spray and with a press of a button, you’ll be either washing the sink or cleaning the dishes. The pull-out side spray works smoothly for easy rinsing.

There is a convenient soap dispenser for washing dishes. That is if you decided to go for a one-handle pull-down faucet. So no need to have a separate bottle of soap. Meaning you’ll save space and time altogether. Pfister LF-036-4CBS Avalon can be used either in spray mode or steam mode.

With this kitchen faucet, you’re guaranteed never to see any leak. Thanks to advanced ceramic disc valve technology.

  • Ensures accessibility to all disabled Persons
  • Complies with Lead Content requirements for Lead-free’ plumbing
  • Decorative side spray and deck plate
  • Easy installation
  • challenges in keeping it clean

2. Pfister Wheaton 1-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

The Wheaton pull-down kitchen faucet could be what you need. If you’re looking for a kitchen faucet that’s traditional but has modern functionality, then Pfister Wheaton does exactly that. This kitchen faucet appeals to the senses.

The clumsy curves with gently pleated lines combined with present features such as stream and spray portray the traditional feel and modernization. This product will give your kitchen that glamorous look. With the new advanced docking system, you’re guaranteed of convenience. After every single use, the spray head stays intact in position.

Wheaton 1-handle pull-down kitchen faucet is compatible with sinks that have 1 to 4 holes. That tells you that this kitchen faucet configuration is easy and it will seamlessly fit into any kitchen sink.

The other great feature that this kitchen faucet has is the soap dispenser. As you may know, such a feature comes handy to those with limited kitchen space. But for everyone else, it’s a cool feature that enhances convenience.

Is your kitchen not upgraded? No worries. Plister Wheaton kitchen faucet has you sorted. You’ll have your installation covered with this super pull-down faucet. Go ahead and get yourself one. Rest assured that no disappointments – in fact, you’ll receive warm positive compliments on it from your friends and relatives. Make your countertop stand out with this product.

  • Includes decorative deckplate
  • It is accessible to all disabled persons
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Complies with lead content requirements
  • Easy to maintain cleanliness
  • has a plastic soap dispenser

3. Pfister G529PF1S Pfirst Series Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Pfister G529PF1S is a brand new product with a superior design. For those of us who are badly possessed with new products or like being among the first persons to use them, this is worth to try. This product is super amazing. Available in two styles, 1.2 GPM and 1.8 GPM. You could also decide to go for either polished chrome, stainless steel, or Tuscan bronze. Both at a different price. But we’re specifically reviewing stainless steel. So don’t get mixed up.

If you’re looking for a kitchen faucet with a handful of functions, this one will perfectly fit your needs. Why? Let’s find out.

First and foremost is that it has a forward handle operation for easy installation and backsplash applications. Secondly, you’re privileged to switch between three different modes. These modes are the spray mode, steam, and pause mode. Interestingly, all this is done with only one hand. Your cleaning and cleansing have never been this efficient.

It is also designed with a high arc spout. You’ll never experience difficulties when it comes to filling pots and pans. This feature takes care of all that. A matching deckplate is included, although it’s optional. The spout swivel rotates 360 degrees for maximum maneuverability. This movement ensures that you can easily reach all your sink corners without having to struggle.

  • Three head spray head
  • CEC Compliant
  • Compatible with 1 or 3-hole installation
  • Easy installation
  • High arc spout for easy clearance and reach
  • weak or low flow pressure

4. Pfister LF5297TMY Hanover 1-Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

Available in two colors, stainless steel, and Tuscan bronze. We are reviewing the Tuscan bronze faucet. This kitchen product is also available in separate integrated handle configuration. Both with a complete matching soap dispenser. Not forgetting that it fits a variety of kitchen sinks.

Hanover kitchen faucet is designed with an anti-splash spray volume control technology. This featured innovative design plays a significant role in ensuring that its users can comfortably select their preferred water pressure.

With the soap dispenser as an added advantage and bonus, the faucet is also easy to install. It is also notable to say that it is available at a very affordable price and does exactly what it should do. This product’s style and feel give it a great look.

Pfister LF5297TMY Hanover kitchen faucet gives its users great functionality. It has lots of space beneath. So your pots and pans won’t miss room. The other thing you’ll definitely like about this faucet is its quality. It is well made, durable and matches many kitchen countertops in a beautiful way.

  • Easy installation
  • Easily accessible to all disabled persons
  • Includes decorative deckplace
  • Includes decorative deckplace
  • Budget friendly
  • Meets the requirements for lead-free plumbing
  • Spray nozzle sometimes fails to retract
  • Delicate soap dispenser

5. Pfister Pfirst Series 1-Handle Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

If you’re interested in something simple, then this Pfirst Series is for you. This product is available in four colors. We have the Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, Tuscan Bronze, and White. Our pick is the Stainless steel. One of the main reasons being that it is pocket-friendly. Other top features are as follows

The faucet has a super superior design with pull-out sprayhead. Simply toggle a button to select between the spray and stream modes. The installation method used here is the deck mounted. It offers great value and includes a faceplate.

Just like most other kitchen faucets, this faucet uses the standard 3-holes mount. 1 hole is for plumbing while the other 2 holes are for mounting. The other thing that you should note with this faucet is that it has a quick connect on the bottom for the spray hose.

The inners are made with metal and plastic to enhance durability. The toggle buttons, on the other hand, are squishy rubber to give you great a grip. The spray pressure is absolutely good. For those who are price cautious, this is an excellent faucet to go for.

  • All necessary mounting hardware included
  • Lifetime finish and function warranty
  • Cal Green, NSF low lead, and ADA Compliant
  • For sinks with 3 faucets holes, escutcheon is inclusive
  • Easily access more sink areas with the 180-degress spout swivel
  • Too high pressure can very inconvenient
  • Not easy to install

Why Choose a Pfister Kitchen Faucet?

With over a century of experience manufacturing top-notch kitchen faucets that come with designs that work well for its users, there are absolutely no good reasons for anyone not to try them. Pfister manufactures a wide range of kitchen faucets. They include; one-handle, two-handle, pull-down and pull-out, bridge, nature driven, and commercial-style kitchen faucets.


Whether you’re a professional or just a homeowner, there is a lot that Pfister can offer you in terms of price and quality. As you may already know, the price has always been the first thing that most people look at. Then it leads to the other features. For instance, one will be interested to know why a certain product would cost a lot while another a few bucks.

Be informed that these prices differ from place to place, and also whether you’re doing an online purchase or directly from one of the retailers. Usually, online purchases cost less. For this brand, you’d find that the entry-level products cost below $100.

Mid-range products would cost between $100 and $250. Most homeowners fall under this category. For professional-grade faucets, many Pfister models would cost around $300. As you can see, this brand has its prices well spread-out for everyone to fit in.

Good Quality

We look at the quality every other time we go out shopping. Poor or substandard quality has never impressed anyone. As a matter of fact, nobody has ever been interested in a product that won’t last long.

Pfister kitchen faucets have always stood out because of their adorable quality. That doesn’t end just there. You’ll realize that their models are also designed with a lot of innovation that is unsurpassed in style and elegance.

Professionalism used in these products is of high standards.  They’re well customized to meet its users’ needs. With a wide variety of finishes, Pfister has always maintained their quality of products.


Next time you shop online for anything, always be on the look for that product’s warranty. You do not want to purchase a product then realize later that you can’t take it back once it has failed to do what it should.

Pfister is known to be among the first faucets manufacturers that offer competent warranties on their products. With their “Pforever Warranty”, you’re guaranteed that in case the function or finish of a product from them doesn’t entice you, simply take it back.

Remember that there are regulations and requirements that should be met before one qualifies for this warranty. To make a claim, the home should be owned by the original purchaser. You should also have proof of product purchase.

Apart from the Pforever finish that is given a lifetime warranty, the other finishes are given a 5-year warranty. For faucets used commercially, a 10-year warranty is given.

Wrapping Up

Different people will have different experiences using the same model of a faucet from this brand. While reading through the user reviews, do not let one nasty compliment hinder you from getting one of our recommended faucets.

Do your due diligence to ensure that what you decide to purchase fits your needs. Do not be confined in a small circle and end up throwing your money away. Not because you bought a poor product, but because what you bought did not serve your purpose.

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