Best Under Sink Water Filters – Top 7 Filters Reviewed

 Are you looking for the best under sink water filters? Well then you are at the place.unnder sink water filter

Being an individual who is health conscious, you will require an under sink water filter for yourself. Under sink water filters are the best, they are able to neatly fit under your sink allowing you to only view the faucet installed above.

With the under sink water filter, you will be able to save on space on your home and finally being able to get rid of the filter pitcher, which requires you fill it after every 5 minutes.

Under sink water filters are more efficient than they previously were. This is because; contaminant from water that was only removed by reverse osmosis system is now being able to be blocked by the filters.

When it comes to under sink water filters, they do not yield any waste water which is not the case when it comes to reverse osmosis systems. Using an under sink water filter is quite an efficient way of producing fresh drinking water for your entire family. The following is a review of the best under sink water filter in the market.

Best Under Sink Water Filters

Product Name Best FeaturePrice
APEC WFS-1000 The water filter ensures that water coming out of the faucet has a good water pressure.
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CuZn UC-200 It has a good and easy process of installation.
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Aquasana AQ-5300.55

The filter has a twist off design which allows you to twist on and off the filter.
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Doulton W9330958 Its durable, this is because the water filter has a solid housing and a thick tubing which makes the filter to be more durable when compared with other products in the market.

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ISPRING RCC7AK This water filter guarantees your water’s pureness.
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Home Master TMAFC-ERP The filter has a low waste water to purified water ratio of 1:1
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Home Master TMHP
It’s the best filter and softener for well water.
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Out First Pick: APEC WFS-1000 3 Stage – On A Budget

The APEC WFS-1000 is among the most popular under sink water filters in the market. This filter uses a three stage filtration process, which is able to remove most contaminants present in your water. Therefore, with APEC WFS-1000 you can rest assured of consuming high quality water.

This filter has an easy installation process unlike other water filters in the market which require additional parts. This water filter comes with all the parts required for its installation. Not to forget the fact the filter also comes with pre-drilled hole, which enables you to be able to mount the filter on the wall.

The water filters has an advantage of offering good water pressure. When it comes to water filters they do a great job in cleaning your water although the water pressure is not high. This however is not the case of APEC WFS-1000, despite the fact that water will pass through three separate filters; the water coming out of your faucet will have a good water pressure.

  • It’s a good faucet as it comes with a high quality faucet. The faucet is made of stainless steel, making it better than the cheap plastic faucet that other water filters come with.
  • The filter comes with lead-free faucet
  • The filter also has a longer life
  • Its 3 stage filtration ensures efficient performance
  • The faucet has one finish; it has a stainless steel finish which can be a problem for individuals who have other finishes for their fixtures.
  • Chrome faucet might not be compatible with a stainless steel sink

Our Second Pick: CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter- The best long lasting filter

This product is among the most highly rated product in our list. Taking a look at its features, what it does and how much it costs enables you to understand why the model has a high rating. One of the major advantages of using this filter is its good and easy process of installation.

Unlike other water filters, the CuZn does not require any additional faucet. This is because it directly connects to your sink’s cold water line. The water filter also comes with all the parts that you need for installation.

This water filter has another advantage that is a long lasting filter. The under sink filtration system uses a filter that is capable of yielding up to 50,000 gallons of filtered water. Most individuals will be able to filter this amount of water in 5 years; it’s therefore safe to say that this filter lasts longer than others.

  • The filter has an easy installation process, this unit has one of the simplest installation processes there is. You will need the parts the filter comes with and an adjustable wrench.
  • There are several tutorials that you can use in case of a problem.
  • The filter is able to last up to 5 years
  • It reduces chlorine, sediments, heavy metals and lead in your water
  • Has an easy installation process
  • The filter is a bit large when you compare it with other models. This will be a problem in the event that you are also using the small cabinet unit as a disposal system.
  • It is not designed to have the TDS removed

Our Third Pick:  Aquasana Stage Under Sink water Filter- The best pocket friendly water filter in the market

This water filter is a good budget choice for you. Despite its low cost this water filter has the capability of producing clean and crispy water just as the expensive models do. The Aquasana under sink water filter is quite effective; it removes a lot of the contaminants in your water this includes; pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, VOCs and any heavy metals.

Benefits of Aquasana

The Aquasana water filter advantages include; its twist-off design. The water filter requires replacement after every 6 months, in this case you will need to twist it off and then twist the new filter on. The filter change takes about five minutes of your time.

Another advantage of this under sink water filter is that the filter comes with a good faucet. You are also able to change the faucet’s finish when you are purchasing a filter, therefore you can have a filter that   compliments your other fixtures.

  • The filter has a filter change notification; therefore, you won’t have to guess each time you want to have a filter change in case you are using this model. The system is able to notify you when the old filter requires to be changed.
  • The water filter system can reduce up to 60 contaminants
  • It’s easy to install and takes little room under you sink
  • The filter has a very effective 3 stage filtration process
  • The filter has a relatively low initial price
  • There is a poor O-rings in the filter, this is because the ring will fail after 2 to 3 years of use. However the company is willing to send you knew O-rings if you contact them.
  • Also the filter has a slow rate, filling up a large pan or water bottle takes a longer time.
  • There is a slightly less effective filtration than more comprehensive Reverse Osmosis systems.

Our Fourth Pick: Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb Under Sink water Filter- The best durable under sink water filter

The Doulton W9330958 SuperCarb under Sink water Filter is quite efficient in producing clean and crispy water.
By the use of a cartridge filter, the Doulton SuperCarb is able to remove any contaminants present in the water. The cartridge filters your water in 4 different stages; therefore, ensuring that most if not all contaminants are isolated from your water.

The filtration process involves passing of water through a carbon block filter in order to remove all the particles that are floating on the water. This includes; parasitic cysts, any bad odors and taste and bacteria. The second filter composes of antibacterial properties and self-sterilization properties which prevents it from being contaminated as time goes by.

The third filter is a carbon that removes chlorine, organic compounds, bad odor and lingering tastes. The Doulton SuperCarb fourth filters are used to reduce any heavy metals that are present in your water.

  • Its durable, this is because the water filter has a solid housing and a thick tubing which makes the filter to be more durable when compared with other product in the market.
  • Has a quick installation
  • It’s able to remove the smell and taste of iron from the water
  • Its fresh water is better than bottled water
  • You will need to purchase some parts as not all of the parts for installation are included in the box.
  • It needs a filter replacement twice in a year

Our Fifth pick: ISPRING RCC7AK- offers excellent high quality filtration system

The ISPRING RCC7AK is highly recommended as it comes in multiple- stage filtration and a remineralization system which has passed vigorous tests requirement and winning the WQA Gold Seal. You cannot beat its price considering the excellent high quality water if offers.

With its ISPRING system, which is certified against NSF/ANSI standards your water pureness is guaranteed. You will have 98% of lead and 99% of other pollutants such as; hormones, asbestos, bacteria and viruses among others in your water removed. This is made possible with its 5 stage of water purification; 3 pre-filters that have fine sediments mesh, carbon block and a granular activated carbon core.

The RCC7 5 stage system

From the pre-filters, water will pass through the RO membrane which has holes of 0.0001 micron thus your water being purified here. The RCC7 5 stage system is after the RO system where water is polished with post carbon filter and on to the faucet. On the RCC7AK, magnesium and calcium ions are reintroduced through an extra remineralization process to make the water have a natural taste of water.

The 3 pre-filtration stages make the water clean even before it goes to the RO membrane. As a result your ISPRING RO membrane is able to last up to 3 years. Other RO system parts of your filtration system can last for a year. You can therefore change it a bit sooner or later depending on the quality of or your water.

  • High availability filter
  • This filter is able to remove 98% of chlorine, lead and other contaminants
  • WQA certified
  • The water filter comes with a lead-free faucet included.
  • The under sink water filter reduces water pressure
  • The system filters toxic heavy metals and mineral, the minerals that are important to your body and also makes the water taste acidic.

Our Sixth Pick: Home Master TMAFC-ERP- The best under sink RO system to buy in 2018

The home Master TMAFC-ERP Artisan Full Contact is the best in water conservation as it sets a standard ratio 1:1. This under sink water filter is more than a filter that simply saves on water. Traditional RO systems’ filter housing are kept when replacements are done; this poses risks of re-contamination.

When it comes to Home Master it has an innovative filter housing, which is incorporated to form a single unit hence being disposed together. This filter has a complete RO membrane, storage tanks, drain saddle, filters and an adapter. The filter also comes with a faucet which enables you to have your purified water from a separate faucet instead of the same faucet as unpurified water.

The Water Filter Have A Permanent Pump

The water filter comes with a permanent pump which improves the system’s efficiency; the pump does not require electricity for it to work. This is because, it is able to reduce 80% of waste water; hence, making you have the ratio of waste to purified water be the lowest that is 1:1 when it comes to reverse osmosis systems.

A set of 3 modular filters are found in the filter. Water goes through the spun poly, the catalytic carbon water filter and the coconut shell granular with activated carbon water filter. When water comes out of the faucet, you will have 99% of the dissolved chemicals, metals and solids removed. With the Artesan remineralization, healthy minerals such the magnesium and calcium ions are allowed back into the water thus increasing the water alkalinity.

  • More effective in removing contaminants
  • It has a low waste water to purified water ratio of 1:1
  • It is NSF listed
  • The filter comes with a faucet
  • This filter produces alkaline water.


  • The under sink water filter is quite expensive.


Our Seventh Pick: Home Master TMHP- The best filter and softener for well water

When it comes to RO filtration systems, they work very well if you are suing tap water; but when it comes to well water it’s a different story. When it comes to well water, it is not treated with chlorine, other chemicals nor does it pass through a sediment filter before it gets to the tap.

For well water chlorine is not a problem but microorganisms and heavy metals are. Well water is rich in iron which has impurities and it also harbors bacteria that are harmful to your health. The iron in well water also leaves rust stains on your ceramic dishes and the sink.

Also in the event that you are dealing with well water, you will need a filtration system that is able to take care of the iron, the heavy metals and microorganism.  You will also need a filter that is able to soften the water at the same time.

  • Also filter is effective in removing iron, lead, chlorine and other heavy metals.
  • Water is remineralized
  • This filter has a low waste to pure water ratio that is 1:1
  • The faucet in the filter is on.
  • The filter’s UV light is able to destroy microorganisms
  • The water filter needs electricity for the UV light
  • Water filter expensive


Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Under Sink Water Filters

Choosing the right under sink water filter for your home can be a difficult task. When purchasing a water filter, there are factors that you need to consider before you actually purchase a particular under sink water filter. Let’s look at some of the factors:

  1. Water Quality

It is very important that you know the type of water that you have. This is because in case your water is high in salinity, TDS and hardness; you will need to go for the RO as it’s the best for your home. This is because; RO has a semi-permeable membrane with pore of 0.0005 microns in size

With the tiny pores, even the tiniest dissolved metals, impurities and salts can be removed. If you have soft water supply with TDS that is under permissible limits; then carbon activated filters are best for you.

  1. Contamination

Nitrates, dissolved pesticides, lead and bacteria are the most health effecting contaminants found in water. The amount of contaminants that are present in water can be tested in the laboratory. In the event that you have a high presence of microbes and contaminants in your water, then UV based RO filtration will be what you need.

The UV effects irradiate water, penetrating the cells of viruses and bacteria and destroying their ability to reproduce. The organism will not be able to reproduce and will eventually die. The RO membrane will remove the contaminants and the dead germs from the water making it fit for consumption.

  1. Cost of Replacement and How Often.

Filter replacement is very essential for you to consider. This is because, with time you will need to have your water filter replaced despite the kind or the design of the filter. Before investing in a new system, ensure that you check the cost replacements in advance.

There are chances of you having a big variance in the cost of replacing the filters and how frequently you will need to change the filters. Before you purchase a filter, factor in the filter cost and the replacement schedule of the filter so that you get an accurate long term cost of your filtering operation.

  1. The Daily Filtration Rate

There are water filters which look disconcertingly similar, even with such water filters there is a difference in the maximum daily filtration rate. Daily filtration rate is the maximum number water gallons that a system is able to produce in a day. Before going for a particular system, it is essential that you have a rough estimate of the amount of water you will need daily.

The under sink water filter uses Gallons per Day (GPD) to measure the maximum daily number of water. Different water filters will be able to show the range in the daily filtration capabilities.

  1. Creation of Waste Water

During the filtration process, some water produces murkish waste water. The murkish water will go down the drain and the filtered water goes to the faucet in order for it to be utilized. For instance, the Reverse Osmosis Filtration System; dumps 10 gallons of water down the drain for every single gallon of filtered drinking water it produces.

It is therefore important that you know whether or not the filter utilizes extra amount of water in the filtration process. This is very vital for home owners who pay their own water bills. Note the general rule that Reverse Osmosis filters yields waste water on the other hand inline filters do not.


The above review consists of some of the best under sink water filters that you can find in the market. You can now be able to choose the best under sink water filter that is appropriate for you. Ensure that you go through the features, the pros and cons that the water filter has in order to ensure that you get the best one for yourself.

It’s recommended that you go for a water filter that is within your budget. You should also look at the factors that you need to consider before getting a water filter; therefore, you can be certain of the water filter that is best for you.



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