Top 7 White Kitchen faucets Review.

Are you looking  for a clean, pure look? Well then the white kitchen faucet is what you need.  Getting the best kitchen faucet for you can be very vital. You will need a model which not only lasts long but it is also effective in it performance.

White kitchen faucets are quite an excellent choice, as its white color blends with your existing décor. The white color stands out as a premium quality product. This is the main reason as to why you will find people obsessing over white kitchen faucet.

White kitchen faucets offer a collection of faucets that have a variety of functions and features. The faucets are from different manufacturer; therefore, their price points differ. The review below is to help buyers be able to choose an appropriate white kitchen faucet, as they have a mix in looks, prices and functions. The following is a review of the best white kitchen faucet you can get in the market.

A Comparison Table of the Best White kitchen Faucets

Product Name Best FeaturePrice
Kohler K-7507-0 The faucet has a temperature memory, thus its able to turn on or off at a specific time set before.
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Moen 7545W The faucet has high durable finishes, which minds the environment that it’s used in.
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Delta 470-WH-DST The faucet has the Touch-Clean technology, which makes it easy for you to clean the faucet using soft wipes.
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Brizo 63020LF-MW It has a premier finish which make the faucet look great, it also makes the faucet resist tarnishing and corrosion
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Moen 87017W It’s a one handle lever which makes it ideal for most individuals as it perfectly controls your water flow.
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CLEANFLO 8811 The faucet is lead-free, this is especially very vital for individuals who are health conscious.
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KOHLER K-692 It has a temperature memory handle  which is able to deliver water at your previous set temperature.
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Our first choice:  Kohler K-7507-0 Purist Single Hole Kitchen Sink FaucetThe best single hole kitchen faucet.

The Kohler K-7507-0 is made in a way to be able to accommodate extra thick counters with more ease. This faucet is currently the best white kitchen faucet in the market. With a strong architectural form and it’s simple to use features, the Kohler K-7507-0 is a desirable faucet.

It has a high-arch swing spout incorporated into the model; the faucet easily moves out of the way enabling you to load a big cookware onto the sink. It’s a single handle lever giving you versatility; the lever is for adjusting your water temperatures.

The kitchen faucet has  a temperature memory, which allows the facet to turn on or off at a specific temperature that was set before. Its ceramic disc valves make the faucet have a chance of exceeding the durability standards of the industry.

  • It has a strong metal construction
  • Has a high water flow
  • The faucet has corrosion resistant finish
  • The faucet is quite pricey in its cost

Our Second Choice: Moen 7545W Camerist Single Handle Kitchen FaucetThe most kitchen friendly faucet.

This faucet offers a clean and simple design when compared to other faucets. It’s able to fit different décor in the kitchen easily. With its pure white color, it’s able to complement any color design that is within your kitchen.

The faucet has high durable finishes which also minds the environment that it’s used in. With its straight forward installation, you won’t require a lot of tools for you to be able to get it into position. The construction of the faucet is made in a way that it promotes its durability.

Its design lessens wear giving its components a longer life; therefore, you won’t need  to have its maintenance done often. With a pull down outlet, this makes the model more functional. The faucet has  a low arc outlet and a top-mounted single lever, which makes it easy to control water flow and temperatures.

Its 68-inch braided pull out spray hose is able to do any large cleaning job. Its spray and stream modes works through a pull out or retracted position; therefore, being able to offer a soft spray on delicate items and a powerful rinsing action.

This faucet has a pause function which temporarily interrupts the flow of water; when you are moving the hose from one vessel to the next. With the aerated flow water is preserved and its pressure is also maintained. The deck-mount unit is able to have 1 or 3 holes mounts installation.

With its Duralock quick connect system, installation is easy as the water lines can be snapped without the use of aid tools. The hydro lock gives a secure connection, as it clicks into place. This kitchen faucet has a limited lifetime warranty.

  • The faucet is quite durable
  • It has a pull out spout
  • The faucet is easy to install
  1. This faucet can easily get scratches

Our Third Choice: Delta 470-WH-DST Signature Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet– The best Kitchen Faucet with the best technological advancement.

This model has a 9-inch outlet which is able to rotate up to 1200, this design allows you to access water in the sinks easily. This design also makes cleaning or filling up of your pans and pots to be easy, the faucet has a pull out spray wand. Its top mounted single lever gives you an easy control of temperature and water flow. It also has a pull out spray wand which has a 38-inch reach and is able to easily switch from stream and spray function.

This faucet was made in order to be able to meet up with the several industry requirements; therefore, it is ADA and CA/VT compliant. It has a brilliant finish as it’s made to resist discolorations and abrasions; hence, you will have your kitchen faucet looking great for years.  The faucet also has the Touch-Clean technology, which makes it easy for you to clean the faucet using soft wipes.

With the Touch-Clean technology you can be able to easily wipe the lime and calcium build up in the faucet. With the DIAMOND  Seal technology, the faucet is able to last up to five million uses. This doubles the standard for durability in the industry.

Its Diamond seal valve contact surface is covered up with small diamonds which ensures a leak-free delivery of water and durability. The optional escutcheon  makes the deck-mount unit suitable for a triple-hole and single-hole installation. The kitchen faucet has a limited lifetime warranty.

  • The faucet is ADA compliant
  • It has a touch-Clean technology
  • The kitchen faucet has diamond seals
  • It’s also lead-free
  1. The faucet’s flow rate wastes water

Our Fourth Choice: Brizo 63020LF-MW Solna Kitchen Faucet with Pullout Spray– the best durable faucet, resist corrosion and tarnishing.

When it comes to making luxurious fitting for your home, Brizo brand is what you should look for. Hence, get yourself a Brizo kitchen faucet for that luxurious look in your kitchen.  The faucets body is made from brass, this is essential as it gives the faucet dependability and durability.

For residential installation, the product has a limited warranty; it has a 5 year limited warranty if it’s for commercial installation. The warranty shows that the product lasts for long. Ensure that you read the warranty applications, as a result you will be able to understand how your faucet is covered by the warranty.

With its premier finishing the faucet not only looks great, but it also makes the faucet resist tarnishing and corrosion; therefore, having a product that is able to last for long.

Its single handle made offers a smooth operation; you will not struggle when you are operating it. Its pull out spray makes the product versatile in the kitchen. This is because you will have water everywhere in your sink. The faucet and the handle are made from solid brass which gives it maximum durability.

With the  side-mounted single lever, you can be able to easily control the flow of water and temperature. The high arc goose neck outlet gives you an easy access to the faucet. The outlet is able to rotate to a degree of 360 giving you a full access to the sink.

An insulated pull out spray faucet head which has the steam and spray functions. You will have an easy installation due to the single-hole deck mount.

  • The faucet is ADA compliant
  • Its built for durability
  • The  kitchen faucet has an impressive finish
  • It requires more effort for you to dock the pull out spray head.

Our Fifth Choice: Moen 87017W Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet– Best One handle lever for controlling water flow.

The Moen 87017W looks amazing, it has glacier finishing which gives it a bright and clean white look. This model ensures that you get the bet kitchen faucet, as it looks great and offer top notch performance in your kitchen.

Its pull out hose is vital for its flexibility; this gives you good water delivery with a hose that is able to retract easily. With the long hose, you end up having an easier time filling your sink. The hose will retract by itself when you are done.

It has an easy installation process due to its Duralock quick connection; with few steps you will be all through. This is great when you compare it with some models that require tools and skills for installation.

Its one handle lever makes it ideal for most individuals as controlling your water flow becomes perfect. You also can be able to adjust your water flow to the rate that you desire. Use the aerated stream for your daily cleaning and a powerful rinse when you are doing a heavy duty cleaning.

  • It has a pullout hose
  • The faucet has an easy installation process
  • Its glacier finishing gives the faucet an excellent look
  • It’s easy for you to adjust the water flow
  • The faucet requires an improvement on the flow rate

Our Sixth Choice: CLEANFLO 8811 Pull Out Kitchen Faucet 1-3 Hole Installation– The best Uniquely designed faucet.

This models comes with quite an easy way of installation, it has 1 or 3 hole options for installation. You do not require any kind of special skills for you to have the faucet installed or for you to use the tools for installation. The manufacturer has a clear instructions manual that shows you the process of installation and the steps to follow.

With this model operation, your life is bound to be easier. Its unique rotating outlet allows water to directly get to the area that is needed. Its  11.5-inch arch outlet, gives you the clearance to get more cookware onto the sink. You will also have a pull out sprayer from the faucet which helps you to clean the sink with more ease.

The faucet can be more versatile by you getting two spray setting with the faucet. The spray head comes in unique settings, the aerated stream and the rain downpour. You will need to pick one depending on the application.

The Cleanflo 8811 pull out kitchen faucet 1-3 hole installation is made to be lead-free. This is especially very vital for individuals who are health conscious; and are particularly careful of what gets into their bodies. Advanced polymer material makes its construction better and stronger, the faucet cannot corrode, rust or tarnish.

The faucet has a single side-mounted  back to the lever in front. It also has  a pull out spray head that has 17-inch hose. With the Cleanflow technology you can be able to single handily pull out the spray head.

With its ceramic disk cartridge, you can be sure of a smooth flow of water and a drip-free kitchen faucet. The kitchen faucet  has an installation kit which has two braided stainless steel, a deck plate, flexible hoses for cold and hot water and an installation guide. This faucet guarantees 100% satisfaction by toll free customers, with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • The faucet is lead-free
  • The kitchen faucet has a quick installation options
  • It’s quite affordable
  • The faucet also has a high arc outlet

  •  The faucet’s finish scratches easily.

Our Seventh Choice: Kohler K-692-0 Clairette Kitchen Sink FaucetHigh arch designed faucet.

This model has a stylish design which makes a lot of people interested in this model. With its single lever design, you will be able to control the temperature . Its high arch design gives you more control on activities that you are doing on the sink. In the event that you have a big pot, rotate the outlet to the side then get into a position.

The temperature memory handle is able to deliver water at your previous set temperature. As a result there is no need of you to keep adjusting temperature. You can preset a maximum setting to high temperatures in order to eliminate scalding.

The model is ergonomic and versatile at the same time. You can easily pull down the spray head for more functionality, making cleaning of the sink easy and filling of the pots fast. When you are done the spray head will retract back to its original position.

The faucet has a control button which enables the user to change the water modes.  Depending on your needs you can use the powerful or aerated spray. Premium metal is used for the faucet construction to make it more durable, you can also get a durable finish to prevent corrosion, scratches and tarnishing.

  • The faucet ha a memory feature
  • It has a durable construction
  • It also has pull out spray head
  •    This kitchen faucet is very expensive.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a White Kitchen Faucet.

Installation and repair of the faucet

When it comes to repairing your faucet, you need to know if it’s something you are able to do by yourself; or if it requires you to contact the plumber in your area. A majority of kitchen faucets at the moment does not require a professional plumber for you to install them..

The new kitchen faucets are of an easier design; as result, anyone can be able to install and operate them. Most people prefer to go for  professional service in order to avoid any problems such as leaks due to mishandling. In the event that you are not 100 percent comfortable in installing your faucet, then let a professional do it for you.

Repairing your kitchen faucet can be done at a lesser cost; replace the faucet with the new one by yourself. This is because; getting someone to do this will lead you to pay more than the cost of the replaced part. It’s very vital that you ensure that the faucets are locally available.

The type of handles you require

Kitchen faucets can either have one or two handles. The one handle faucet rotates to a given direction in order to select a specific water temperature; whereas for the two handle faucet, it mixes cold and hot water.  One-piece faucets have their handles attached on the unit of the faucet or at the sides of your faucet.

It’s easy to maintain and use single handle faucets, it’s important that you also note; they are commonly used. It’s recommended that you use lever handles, as they will assist you to turn on the faucet instead of you using your elbow and hands.

When it comes to lever taps, they have a universal design that make them fit quite well and provide access to each and every individual despite their physical ability. A one lever faucet is practical; some levers have touch sensors which enables you keep your handles clean.

Water filtration system of the faucet

Modern kitchen faucets have a new feature, which is the built-in water filtration system. This system allows you to be able to get filtered and clean water from your faucet. When your water is filtered, all the germs and dirt are removed from it. When getting a filtration system, ensure that you get the best kitchen faucet water filter.

The total number of holes in your sink

In the event that you are upgrading your faucet, it’s important that you consider getting a kitchen faucet that has the same number of holes. The holes of the deck sink ought to be the same number as the one that you are removing. For traditional faucets which have cold and hot water tap, they need three holes for the taps and the outlet.

An additional hole that is the fourth one is necessary for placing a sprayer. You can also find one piece faucets which requires a single hole for your handle and a separate hole for the sprayer. The single hole faucet are commonly used.

Single hole faucets became popular mainly because of their ease of use and maintenance. In case you have a new sink, you can put any number of holes that you prefer. The number of holes can be according to your convenience and your faucet requirement.

Having a faucet with a sprayer

Sprayers are built-in dishwasher or soap dispenser feature that is quite popular in modern faucets. It’s recommended that you have a pull down spray head in your faucet. Ensure that the button on your spray head is not very cheap.

You can opt to go for a single lever that has an under mount soap dispenser. When it comes to kitchen faucets that have sprayers, they are usually available as a pull down or a pull out faucet head. They can also be a side feature from the outlet.

When purchasing a kitchen faucet with a sprayer, it’s essential that you get one that is high in quality, durable and one that has minimum cost and maintenance.

Other factors to consider when getting a kitchen faucet include; your faucet finish, go for a faucet finish that matches your kitchen’s décor. Check your faucet height and ensure to take measurements before getting one.


With the above review, you can now be able to choose the best white kitchen faucet for yourself. The faucets mentioned above have great features that you ought to have in your kitchen. You will have a big difference when it comes to their prices.

It’s always recommended that you go for something within your budget. It’s also vital that you consider some factors such as; the type of handle that you require, the number of holes in your sink and the faucet installation and repair among others. Consider the mentioned factor before you go ahead and get a faucet for yourself.


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